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Biography of Firefighter Freddie Batista

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FREDDIE BATISTA has been a passionate firefighter for over 22 years. He has held numerous positions in the Fire Service. These positions have included Lieutenant, Training Officer, and Rescue Crew Chief. He has been on several teams such as FEMA Task Force 2, Technical Rescue Operations, and the FTLD Dive Rescue Marine Unit. Throughout his career, he became a revolutionary Training and Development Expert with over 20 years of experience in hands-on and Online Training. He has trained over 2000 EMT, Firefighters and Paramedics in both fire and emergency medicine. His undergraduate studies included a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership with an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science Technology. He has a Master’s degree in Executive Management with a minor in Instructional System Design. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate Degree in Education, with a specialization in eLearning. Freddie has pioneered the adaptation of open-source Learning Management Systems and eLearning environments for Corporate, State and Local Government Agencies.

In 2009, Mr. Batista played an important role in the development and design of a new and innovative eLearning platform, This platform created a single point of access for training, communication, collaboration, and professional development within the fire-rescue community. This platform centralized an agency’s curriculum while aligning instructional plans, content, and assessments with national, state and local learning objectives and standards. This system, in conjunction with this state of the art LMS (Learning Management System) and full content library, delivered over 1000 courses just by clicking the mouse. In February of 2011, Mr. Batista signed a strategic partnership with one of the largest magazine publishers in the fire and rescue division, Cygnus Publishing/Fire House Magazine, as the sole provider of his learning management system which they called

Mr. Batista has received several awards and commendations for his achievements in Fire Rescue Services and Instructional Technology. Mr. Batista is a Level III Certified Instructor that teaches the following courses: High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Operations, Trench Rescue, Structural Shoring and Collapse, Concrete Cutting and Breaching Vehicle Extrication, Bus Extrication and Heavy Extrication. Mr. Batista is a State Certified Firefighter, Paramedic, Fire Officer I and Fire Instructor III. He has held instructor certifications in American Heart Association’s ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, BLS, and AMLS. Mr. Batista also served with the Federal Emergency Management Agency on South Florida Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 2, where he served as a Technical Information Specialist. Mr. Batista played an important role during the deployment of 9/11 for the collapse of the Twin Towers. His role was to create and develop a website for communications and collaboration between family and the members of the US&R Team (

In January 2011 Freddie underwent surgery at the University of  Miami for the removal of a Stage 2 Oligodendrogliomas where he underwent chemo therapy for over a year. He returned back to shift eight months later and was forced to fight through another battle of adversity. In September 2011, he was put on administrative leave without pay with Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, pending an investigation of an American Heart Association Course he had taught off duty to 5 of his colleagues at Safety Solutions. He was approved to instruct this certification since the start of his career at Florida Medical Training Institute back in December of  2000. The administrative leave did not stop Freddie from pursuing the love and passion he had for training. He currently holds the position of Director of eLearning & Business Development for one of the largest direct to consumer companies in the United States.

Since his arrival at Great HealthWorks in 2013, he cofounded one of the company’s most productive subsidiaries, Great LearningWorks.  Freddie has designed and created the XLearning Management System, and XL Virtual Classroom, which are now the primary systems used for training and development within the company. He has brought in clients such as Better Business Bureau, House of Protection, and Click Safety  which is the largest OSHA Training provider in the United States.  He currently writes online articles and speaks about online education in the Fire Industry for the Largest Fire Rescue Instructor Conference in the US, known as the Fire Department Instructor Conference (FDIC), where the most respected and revered instructors are invited to speak and educate the fire rescue community.

Additionally, Freddie is more than just an outstanding professional. He is also a great family man and an active participant in his community. He currently coaches the Coral Springs Little League Tee Ball Team, Baseball Team and also donates his time and talents to many of the City of Coral Springs youth sporting teams, numerous charity events, and other community associations.


Professional EXPERIENCE

Director of eLearning & Business Development for the largest Direct to Consumer Company in the United States.

Co-founder of Great LearningWorks, subsidiary company of Great HealthWorks Inc.

Designed and Created XLearning Management System and XL Virtual Classroom, both proprietary platforms for Great LearningWorks

VP of Distance Learning for the largest Military Education Facility in the United States.

Technical Information Specialist for (FEMA) Federal Emergency Management Agency, Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 2

Fire Engineering SME in eLearning in the Fire Service FDIC 2015 and 2016

Lead emergency medical service Instructor trained over 2000 Paramedics and EMT’s

Public Safety Management Instructor for leaders in Public Safety

In depth knowledge of web based training and computer based technology development and implementation across different eLearning platforms.

Developed and managed several custom Learning Management Systems for several private and government institutions and organizations.

Designed graphical illustrations for major eLearning websites

Designed a program for House of Protection on Florida Designer Drugs for the Broward County School System 2016

Provided preferred layout and template design in the development of courses


Doctorate of Education (EdD), North Central University 2016-Present

MPS Executive Management, Saint Thomas university

BS Organizational Leadership, Saint Thomas university

AS Fire Science, Florida Medical Training

fire instructor III, bureau of fire standards & training

Level A and B Instructor, City College

Online Teaching Learning Systems, Saint Thomas University

Instructional System Designer, University of Indiana at Bloomington


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