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What makes you think that your information is safe? In today’s digital market, the world is always under cyber threat.More so, as the holiday season approaches, this is when more malicious activities become more prevalent. Of course, we all look forward to this time of year to enjoy all the goodies: company parties, bonuses, time off, and “SHOPPING” (Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas). With more transactions occurring during this period, it creates a vulnerability to your personal and business information, putting your business and clients at risk. It is imperative to take necessary precautions in securing your clients information and protecting your business. Implementing the following steps can be a simple, fast and effective way to be ahead of this undesirable curve.


MAKE IT PERSONAL – Educate your employees about best practices in home computer security. The idea is that employees who learn to pro- tect personal and financial information at home will bring those good habits back to the office.

CONDUCT SECURITY TESTING– incorporate new employees IT awareness training as part of your orientation and a Tip of the Day (learning bytes) exercise provides ongoing reinforcement.

STRONG LOGIN CREDENTIALS- Every employee should have their personal profile set up, and all logins protected with strong passwords that need to be changed every 4-6 weeks.

CREATE A SECURITY CULTURE– Create a simple but effective privacy policy and make protecting sensitive data a part of the company culture.

MINDFUL DOWNLOADING – Make sure you and your employees only download applications that come from reliable sources, because appli- cations such as games and mobile apps may contain viruses, spyware etc. It’s important to know and trust the source of an application before downloading it.

CENTRALIZE YOUR INFORMATION– All information on a business network should be saved to a central location to reduce risk.

SCRUTINIZE THIRD PARTY SECURITY PRACTICES – If you outsource any critical functions or store information offsite, ensure you validate the third-party security practices such as cloud providers or ISPs. You are still responsible for that data and should ensure the third party is secure.

Although we are a long way from ever being totally protected from Cyber terrorism, continuous reinforcements through bytes of information will give extra focus to critical issues affecting your organization.

Learning Bytes ( Micro Learning) are typically 1 minute long. Deploy them throughout the year to maintain a high level of awareness and meet annual security awareness training requirements. Using these simple but effective steps will ensure the protection of your client’s information which in turn will continue to help your business thrive. Security is a worldwide concern, but it does not have to be for you and your clients.


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